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Brief 1: Baby Bangs The Drum - CONCEPT

Baby Ella finds a big bright drum and it sparks her imagination. 

She first plays it with a loud bang and then Mia encourages her to play 'gentle little one'.

She then plays the drum whilst pretending to be different animals.

At the end of the counting song Baby Ella gives a little giggle as she has found it funny to pretend to be these animals.


'Oh Baby Ella, it's you' laughs Mia as Baby Ella reveals it was her making all the sounds and not the animals. 

Baby Bangs The Drum - Demo - Laura Loft Laura Loft Music
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Baby Bangs The Drum - LYRICS


Hands warm up with a clap, clap, clap.​

Today's the day to pat, pat, pat.

The big bright drum is here to play.

So let's get counting, what do you say?


Baby bangs the drum  (bang, bang bang)

Baby bangs the drum (bang, bang bang)

Gentle little one (bang, bang bang)

Can you count with me?

(Verse 1)

1 big bright drum I can see.

Or is it 1 elephant stomping noisily?

(Verse 2)

2 big bright drums I can see.

Or is it 2 monkeys swinging happily?

(Verse 3)

3 big bright drums I can see.

Or is it 3 parrots squawking merrily?

(Verse 4 )

4 big bright drum I can see.

Or is it 4 tigers pouncing secretly?

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Brief 2: Silly Songs

Did you ever wonder if there was a secret life going on in the food and activities we do everyday? 

Follow these friends as they let their imagination go wild....

Slowworm Stew & Goo

Benji sets off to Forest School and thinks 'I'm hungry, does anyone want some slowworm stew and goo?' Benji gathers sticks and mud and rocks and leaves to make his own forest stew. With a dash of bark and a sprinkling of worms and goo what is not to like? Each new verse continues by adding a new disgusting or gooey item from the forest getting sillier and faster.

Polar Bear in my Suitcase

Molly is packing her suitcase ready to go on her summer holidays. She arrives at the airport and finds "There's a Polar Bear in my suitcase!"  who wants to leave the cold snow and visit some place warm and sunny. She first finds him wearing her summer hat! She tells him 'No, no go away, you're not coming on my holiday'. As each verse continues the polar bear is still in her suitcase trying on new items of clothing and accessories until the end where he dances around looking very ridiculous dressed up in summer swimming costumes, flowers, pineapples, sun glasses, hat, swimming rubber ring and more!

Robot Cog Pizza Face

Seb loves Pizza and Robots. He would spend his whole day eating pizzas whilst making robots if he could. So when Mum calls for dinner time Seb is upset as he doesn't want to stop playing with his robots. Until he realises it's Pizza night! Seb is amazed at his pizza coming to life as a Robot Cog Pizza Face. Each verse sees the robot move different parts of himself (made from pizza topping items) around to create different robot pizza faces and he gets up to mischievous tricks stealing toppings from everyone's pizza and shuffling the knives and forks around.

Mermaidy Scaley Pie 

Olive is obsessed by the sea and loves mermaids, dolphins, seashells and starfish. But she HATES fish pie, YUCK! This silly song sees Olive diving into her imagination wondering if mermaids lived in her dinner and dolphins danced about splashing through the potato mash topping. She imagines seashells become spoons for her to eat from and that starfish sprinkle magical yummy dust all over her fish pie making it taste delicious. This is a funny and magical song with lots of sound effects.

Pigs in Wigs

Tom and Ella visit the farm. Ella's favourite animals are the pigs but Tom isn't so keen, he thinks they are boring and stink. So Ella shows him the secret life of pigs as they dress up in wigs. This is a very silly song with pigs dancing about in all sorts of ridiculous wigs and is very lively and uptempo.

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