A challenging time is felt throughout the world right now. We now need to really show our connection and compassion during this tough time. Not only does Coronavirus present a real and present danger and risk to many people's health and lives but also the impact on mental health will be being felt widely. I would like to do my little bitto help and offer anyone who is self isolating or social distancing some FREE RESOURCES FOR EYFS & KS1 to use with your child. I am hoping they can bring a bit of calm in a chaotic time. Much love Laura x

Download for free the Feather Bundle;


See below for; 

  • Big Emotions Song Book download PDF

  • Big Emotions Workshop Songs download MP3 or video



​I will be releasing a music video every week for all 5 songs in the Big Emotions Song Book. Download your copy here, have a play and a sing song, experiment with different homemade instruments, pots and pans and get music making! 

  • Big Emotions Song Book EYFS / KS1 download PDF

  • Big Emotions Workshop Songs Videos (See below!)

1. Binoculars Song 

2. Excited Bubbles

3. Angry Storm Clouds

4. I Am Calm

5. Sleepy Cats

Laura Loft Music Copyright 2019.