If you fancy having a go yourself at delivering a Creative Wellbeing Day then I have created The Cat Bundle for Teachers and Educators.


Have a go at creating Little Boy's Wellbeing Toolkit using art activities and joining in an interactive assembly performance. 


The Cat Bundle includes;


  • Big Emotions Books x 30
  • Big Emotions Tool Kit Bags x 30
  • Big Emotions Stickers x 30
  • Big Emotions Feathers x 30
  • Big Emotions Art Interactive Session Plans + Activities
  • Big Emotions Mindful Colouring Postcards Masters (plus PDF downloads)
  • Teaching Videos of 5 workshop songs
  • Assembly Videos of 5 workshop songs
  • MP3 downloads of backing track and songs
  • MP3 downloads of audio book & instrumental soundtrack
  • PDF downloads of music activity worksheet downloads
  • Links to YouTube videos of the book and instrumental version

The Cat Bundle: Creative Wellbeing Pack