If you fancy having a go yourself at delivering then I have created The Wisdom Bundle for Teachers and Educators.


It has been created for schools and includes links to the curriculum however it is a very adaptable and flexible programme which can be used in a variety of settings including home school, forest school, social care and intergenerational creative projects.


The Big Emotions Song Book includes interactive session plans for teachers to follow of music, art and movement plus three options for an interactive performance assembly.


The Wisdom Bundle includes;


  • Big Emotions Book
  • Big Emotions Song Book + Activities + Interactive Session Plans
  • Big Emotions Flash Cards (plus PDF downloads)
  • Big Emotions Mindful Colouring Postcards (plus PDF downloads)
  • Teaching Videos of 5 workshop songs
  • Assembly Videos of 5 workshop songs
  • MP3 downloads of backing track and songs
  • MP3 downloads of audio book & instrumental soundtrack
  • PDF downloads of music activity worksheet downloads
  • Links to YouTube videos of the book and instrumental version

The Wisdom Bundle: Teacher's D.I.Y Pack


    Laura Loft Music Copyright 2019.