Welcome to the Song4Us workshop around Big Dreams: Imaginative Songwriting.

Please watch this welcome video and listen out to task 1

of what I would like you to bring to the session. 

See also a PDF download with a few bits of information so you can see what we are going to get up to! 

Let's get songwriting!


  • DOORSTEP ARTS: Wednesday 19th May 7.30-8.15pm (Palace Theatre in Paignton)

  • DOORSTEP ARTS: Thursday 3rd June 3-4.15pm (ZOOM ONLINE)

  • BEAFORD ARTS: Thursday 8th July 1- 3.20pm ( Park Community School)

  • EXETER PHOENIX FREEFALL: Thursday 15th July 6-8pm (Exeter Phoenix ) TBC

Song4Us - Devon