Love Conquers All

Here's a new song called 'Love Conquers All'. I actually wrote this a few months ago during a hard dip but I feel like the message is pretty relevant now. So here's some Love friends! 

P.S it's a very rough attempt as I'm experimenting with video software! 


This is an old song called Diamonds written for Beauty Unseen project and showcased Live at Bristol Fashion Week. (2017)


This is an old song called FOOL written about the cycles of relapses with chronic illness and the importance of gratitude through the hard times. (2019).

Big emotions - audio book


Here's the BIG EMOTIONS: Mindful Music For Little People Audio Book. Please enjoy this whilst reading your book and join in with the 'I Am Calm' song! Grab your feather and get ready....(2020).


Here's me mucking about with a music video soothing myself after a very 'trying' time with #lockdownstress and the boy!

It's from HUSH NOW EP (which is currently free to download!).

Laura Loft Music Copyright 2019.