Big Emotions Schools Pilot is now CLOSED. Existing sign ups will have access to free resources  and discount codes until December 2020.

The new Wisdom Package which includes all of the Big Emotions Schools Activity Pack will be available 2021.

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Big Emotions WORLD BOOK DAY 2020 Pilot at Trinity Primary School, Exeter.

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A challenging time is felt throughout the world right now. We now need to really show our connection and compassion during this tough time. Not only has Coronavirus presented a physical danger and risk to many people's health and lives but also the impact on mental health will be being felt widely.

As we approach our Reconnection and Recovery terms back at schools in September a lot of thought will be on the whole child's learning and emotional wellbeing. I feel it is so important to let children know IT IS OK to feel Big Emotions and help them to recognise them and give ideas for helping to regulate. As children enter learning settings and classrooms again teachers, educators and caregivers will be looking to respond to their emotional awareness, behavioural boundaries, spatial awareness and abilities to communicate their feelings.

I have been working on developing my schools activity tour into an online flexible package suitable for teaching in classroom bubbles and pods as well as home school learning. 

With options of delivering a session a day for a week or a session a week for a term it really is a flexible choice for your school. 

What you get:

  • Big Emotions Story Book. 

  • Big Emotions Song Book + Workshop Activities.

  • Teaching, Workshop + Performance Videos.

  • 4 x Mindful Colouring PDF downloads.

  • 3 x Flexible session plans for Music, Movement, Art & Wellbeing with extension ideas and outcomes.

  • 1 x Interactive Performance Assembly plans with easy, medium or hard choice.

  • 8 x Big Emotions Flash Cards PDF downloads.

  • Home Learner Diary PDF download.

why Purchase this pack?

  • THE CREATIVE ARTS: use storytelling, music, movement and art to aid the wellbeing of the child.

  • BEAUTIFUL & ENGAGING: Includes a range of beautifully designed and thoughtfully crafted resources.

  • DIGITAL CONTENT: audio book with instrumental soundtrack MP3 download.

  • MUSIC DOWNLOADS: workshop interactive songs MP3 downloads.

  • FLEXIBLE & CURRENT: flexible ideas for current social distanced guidelines if used in small groups for singing, classroom bubbles/pods.

  • ADAPTABLE: can be delivered as one session a day for a week OR one session a week over a term.

  • HOME LEARNING: home learners can engage with their easy to use plans and diary.

  • CONNECTION & WELLBEING: options to bring everyone together as guidelines ease for interactive performance assembly OR if guidelines restrict, classroom bubble performances or link to all school via remote ZOOM assembly.

  • ENDORSED: tried, tested and endorsed by Schools, EYFS Leaders, Social Carers and Psycologists. 

  • SPECIAL PRICE: online pilot is free until October half term 2020. Pilot settings receive 30% off the Big Emotions Book.  

  • ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS: discounts offered to the whole school & parents for additional purchases of story book & songbook. 

  • EXPERIENCED: created by an experienced musician, music educator, mother and wellbeing advocate.

  • EYFS & KS1 FRAMEWORKS: follows objectives and outcomes for EYFS & KS1 music curriculum and PSHE.

  • ARTS AWARDS: adaptable plans for use with arts award discover.